Tibi with Wing Chun long pole

The Wing Chun system (also spelt Wing Tsun) was created 300 years ago in China Ng Mui, the abbess of a Shaolin monastery. Therefore Wing Chun was constructed as a system using softness & flexibility instead of greater force. That is the reason why this system is convenient to use for weaker, smaller or older students…

The Wing Chun system is a really important factor in why Bruce Lee was so good. He grew up under the legendary Great Grandmaster of Wing Chun – Yip Man. Yip Man’s last student was GGM Leung Ting.

The Wing Chun system is progressive self-defence technology and is constantly developing using scientific methods by masters like Andrew Cameron or Keith R. Kernspecht.

Andrew Cameron
With my Sifu Master Cameron & my Kung Fu brother Norbert Kaliciak

The Wing Chun system is regarded by experts as one of the most effective self-defence systems. That is why Special Forces worldwide like the FBI, CIA, SEK, and KSK use this system…

Tibi’s old Wing Chun footage