– London Bridge
– Tunbridge Wells
Private lessons

Tibi Moravcik

+44 7788 538 272


Explore a fundamental aspect of our being and actually of the entire universe.

London Bridge

Wednesday 7 pm – 8.30 pm

Training is outdoors in Leathermarket Gardens close to Bermondsey Village Hall (Kirby Grove, London SE1 3TD)

Tunbridge Wells

Tuesday 7.00 – 8.30 pm
Outdoor at Lower Common

Contact Tibi at 07788 538 272 wtibor@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

Private lesson

Private lesson: 1st hour £55, following hours on one block £40, e.g. 3h is £135 (55+40+40)
(if it’s further from London Bridge + travel time £30 p/h)

If you visit me at home in Tunbridge Wells, the price for a private lesson could be lower.

Why do we train outdoors?

Vitalizing activity as Chiquong, Tai Chi or Systema should be trained outdoors.

Trying to increase vital energy (often called chi, ki prana, or živa) indoors is like having a shower under an umbrella or installing solar panels in the house instead of on the roof. ?

A roof protects us from rain and wind and vital energy.

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