Throwing punch – Atlatl mechanics


It’s beneficial to know how to throw a powerful, quick punch without any preparation, using a minimal amount of power.Mechanically you catapult your forearm as Atlatl throws a spear…

Reaction and Flow


Cowboy in ‘flow’ has a much higher chance to survive… by Tibi Moravcik One of the most characteristic qualities of life is movement, adaptability – response to surroundings…Often even our lives depend on the quality of our response. Therefore it would predetermine our success in evolution.  So, no wonder we created many activities to improve our reactions: games, dance, martial … Read More

Aspects of movements


There are many aspects of movements that can affect our freedom to move.Let’s look at these aspects separately to understand them, feel what works and what doesn’t.Let’s understand how they link together and try and perceive them as one holistic picture. List of aspects

True colour in the Dark Room


In the deepest darkness, is visible the tiniest light –  The Light of the Soul  12 days of Dark Room Therapy has definitely been the most amazing experience of my life.It has shown me a reason to be better.It has shown me a reason not to drink alcohol, not to eat meat anymore,  to walk barefoot, etc.It has initiated a … Read More

Freedom to move I


Life presents itself by motion There are many aspects of movements that can restrict our freedom to move.Let’s look at these aspects separately to understand them, feel what works and what doesn’t.Let’s understand how they link together and try and perceive them as one holistic picture.This blog has two parts. The first one is about the physical aspects and the … Read More



Life today is riddled with fear. We`re being scared by everyone. Turn on the TV and you are surrounded by horrors. Go online and get a load of new nightmares. Visit your local bank or store and you hear the same topics on everyone’s lips: the financial crisis, rising crime, inflation, taxes, social instability, skyrocketing prices, high unemployment, etc. Even … Read More

Online Zoom Systema


Our aim is to better understand, feel and be aware of our Body, Mind and Spirit. We analyse related aspects to gain a clear understanding of how they operate.Then we study how they are related to one Holistic picture. It’s not beneficial just for self-defence, but also dancers, yoga practitioners and everybody who want to be fitter, smoother and better… Tuesday,  7.00 – 8.15 pm  BST Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you … Read More

Seven breathing principles Systema


1. RelaxThe best breathing is relaxed.Tension restricts your breathing and other movements.To feel the force you should be relaxed.The force flows better through a relaxed body.Unnecessary tension is wasting your energy – relax makes you more effective.Being relaxed and breathing properly helps you to cope with stress, fear, panic, pain.You feel happier when relaxed! 2. Inhale through the nose & … Read More