Systema is a smart martial art and self-defence system, based on being relaxed.
Moving without undesirable tension makes your movement more efficient.
To be efficient you have to flow on your bodywave – kinetic energy.
Being relaxed also improves your ability to adapt – to synchronise.
To be aware of the tension and cope with stress is good not just for fighting, but generally for health.

Systema is not the usual martial art with characteristic movements or techniques… More than what to do, we focus on how to do.
The aspects, which we are developing in Systema, are going across all kinetic activities: martial arts, sports, dance or yoga.

Systema is the system, it’s not a style. It has not any specific form. Russian Systema focuses on aspects that are going across any Martial Arts, e.g.: breathing, relaxation, synchronisation or bodywave. Therefore Systema is compatible with any Martial Arts. You can do Wing Chun, BJJ, boxing or any Martial Arts as Systema and vice versa – into Systema you can apply any principles from any Martial Arts.

Russian Systema is based on ancient Slavic tradition, especially drawing from the Cossacks tradition (famous as liquid warriors).
Systema it’s one of the last surviving European combat systems.

The traditional Russian system* was analysed and systematised by scientists in the USSR era. The result was the secret combat program used by Russian special forces (Spetsnaz). Today this treasure is available from our masters…

* Russian word ‘Система –  Systema’ means ‘the system’ (of self-defence).

‘If someone attacks you or your family and you already know that you will be fighting – do not be nervous and do not add emotional content, just work.
Do not break the person; break his desire to attack you.
Provide an illusion that your opponent still has control, but make sure he does not.
Those who think they are very strong die first in conflicts.
Every person that works with you is your instructor. And those who want to beat you up are your best instructors.’

Mikhail Ryabko

‘When you know there will be a fight – start relaxing beforehand.
Do not try to fight, just work.
Control the situation in such a way that nobody understands how you control it.
Remove yourself not just from the line of attack, but from line of opponent’s attention.
When you counter on the move, the strikes seem to come out of nowhere.
When you hit somebody – remain human.
People die from non-lethal wounds, yet do not die from lethal ones, all depends on whether you mentally give up.’

Vladimir Vasiliev

‘Endurance is a psychological phenomenon.
Your emotional base controls the situation.
The more you discover yourself, the more tension you see in yourself. 
There are several ways to remove stress, the most important are breathing and movement.
The stronger someone grips you, the more you need to relax.
People do not die from wounds or impact, they die because they cannot handle psychological effect of the impact.’

Konstantin Komarov

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