Efficiency & Health

Systema is leading to relaxing.

A body without undesirable tension is spending less energy – it’s more efficient and less tired.

Cope with stress is crucial for a healthy and happy life. Our brain without pressure makes fewer mistakes and is more creative.

A relaxed body is more open to deeply feel the flow of kinetic energy (body-wave).

Playing with body wave is developing kinesthesia (sensation perception of motion) what make our reactions more accurate, precise and smoother.

Bodywave has many advantages to compare with normal ‘robotic’ motion… It cumulate the power to help us lift, punches, throws, runs – it makes us stronger and more dynamic.

Better feeling and flow allow us to synchronise and harmonise – improve ours reactions in contact sports, martial arts or any motion.

In the fight it’s a massive disadvantage to be paralyzed by tension, therefore we strength ourselves in motion, what is totally different philosophy. Our strengthening make us more relaxed without internal tension.

Hyperdynamics movements makes us sharper.

Part of warrior’s care is massage. We are working with different massage techniques to help our training partner or ourselves. Massage stimulate us to have stronger, vital body, release tension and change mechanics quality of our bodies.

Breathing is a crucial aspect. It can relax us, give us energy, or paralyze us. Variety of unique breathing exercise will appraise not just warriors and sportsmen, but also yogins.

Interesting is also our teaching method. We don’t teach using technique and forms, we playing and experimenting with aspects to get personal experience and feeling. 
A liquid (relaxed) body and mind flows spontaneously into efficient solutions.

Tibor’s simply explain mechanics, tactics and strategy or psychology.

We are open to use our instincts and intuition.

I could continue in a list of positive chain effect to yourself a long time, but really beneficial will be to try Systema…