Why do we train outdoors?


Vitalizing activity as Chi Kung, Tai Chi or Systema should be trained outdoors.

Trying to increase vital energy (often called chi, ki prana, or živa) indoors is like having a shower under an umbrella, or installing solar panels in the house instead of on the roof. ?

A roof protects us not just from rain and wind, but also from vital energy.

Fresh air with more oxygen is important to get higher brain and muscle performance.

Rain or wind does not kill us – it makes us stronger.

How can I believe in myself, if I am not strong enough to cope with wind, rain or cold?! :O

Go out of your comfort zone. Problems in life or pain improve our willpower and self-confidence.

E.g. I love riding my bike against the wind and snow during the winter. I ask myself: ‘Could the weather stop me?’.

People who are used to training self-defense in a nice gym with soft mats could be a bit shocked to train in a public place. We get experience to train in public places and do not care. The same is true about hard surfaces – we just train.

We train in nature, not a comfy gym to get more energy, fresh air and release the daily stress.