Why do I add ‘I Liq Chuan’ into my Systema?


In the Russian language, a word система (systema) means ‘the system’. As an open-minded mover, I have to work with every aspect of movements which working systematically. Therefore I’ve already added to my Systema aspects with which is working Chinese Wing Chun Kung fu and Filipino Escrima. I’ve added the flow and elegance of Dance… And now (after the retreat with Sifu Sam Chin, and seminars with Sifu Joshua Craig) I decided to study and apply I Liq ChuanSam Chin’s way Zhang Xin Dao.

Awareness of your body and mind (which ZXD works with) is crucial for every mover.
ZXD is also an understandable concept of Qigong/Chi Kung, which you can relatively quickly feel into your body and apply to another body.

Tibi learn Zhang Xin Dao – Chi Kung straight from Sifu Sam Chin

Which aspects of ZXD am I going to apply to mine the system?

Absorb Project

Expand & Condense – the Chinese way

Yin Yang tissue

Balanced contact