Vital posture – Be like Fire


systematm vital posture like fire

We should be relaxed, but not soft. The soft body is attracted just by the earth, however, we are made up also from fire; and fire flows to the sky.

So, a vital are pulled by gravitational force down & by fire upwards.

The fire also automatically brings you to a balanced position, so if somebody pushes you, you flow immediately back like a fire.

Therefore our warrior’s squats don’t bend forward, but from hips, we flow straight up as a fire..

And finally one small advice: if you have to stay up for a longer time don’t be static – wave. In a static position are same muscles are working non-stop, if you wave a bit, your muscles have time to turn off and relax.. So, no wonder, that with the wave, you are not tired so quickly.


How does balance work?
Our physical body is attracted by gravitational force towards the earth.
We have to make a construction against this force.
We build up this construction from the ground.
Firstly we are juggling with our shin, then on the shin, we are balancing with a thigh, a torso, and finally ahead.
So, your body is not a solid construction but a balancing chain, therefore we need a long time to learn to stand up…

Dynamic process

Let’s start with a small experiment.
Feed together, stay straight, try to be your tallest, close your eyes and relax..
What do you feel? Are you static or a bit wobbly?
Do you feel how your muscles around your body are switching on and off to keep you balanced?
‘A standing body’ is not static, it’s a dynamic process.

Even if you tense up, you are still using a small amount of power to keep balance, you just don’t feel it for your tension.

So, relax and turn your mind inside to develop this feeling, then take your training partner & feel it on him & finally you can also see it.

Work with this internal flow gives you a massive advantage in the fight or in many sports.

 by Tibi Moravcik