The Flow of Balance in a Fight


The Flow of Balance in a Fight

In the previous blog titled: ‘Flow of Balance’ I explained how we flow against gravity and how we can synchronise with others.
Now the question is: how can this be used in a real fight?

The answer: two waves can combine to create either constructive (in phase) or destructive force (out of phase).

If you move in phase with your opponent, you create constructive interference, which can be used to take his balance.

By moving in phase with your opponent’s strike, his force doesn’t hit you.

If you move out of phase with the opponent, it can help you to keep balance.

Movement out of phase create destructive interference which is useful for striking – it makes your strike twice as destructive.

Somebody could think, that force of balance wave is negligible. Movement can be really tiny, however it’s movement of whole body mass – a big power.

Then, in the fight are oscillation tumbling. To eliminate the power of balance, usually an opponent use more power. So, if you can switch with him and add power of your own wave to him, his disbalance will magnify by every frequency.

Many people think that wave flows only if the body is relaxed. Incorrect – your balance flows all the time, it doesn’t matter if you are relaxed, or tense like a bodybuilder on the competition. If you are tense, it’s just harder feel the flow and it’s also harder for you to work with it.

Let your training partner lie down and wave him. Than, ask him to tense up and don’t allow you to wave… You can see that you can wave the body even opponent doesn’t want it. Same you can noticed in stance.

Wave of balance is a fundamental aspect which can multiply your power. Don’t waste your time and apply it into your Martial Art, sport, dance or any moving activity!

This method can be used to massage the body and to diagnose the tension.