Freedom to move
System(a) of motion

Camp in Greece

31st August – 7th September 2019

The aim of the camp

A holiday with System of Motion is a great chance to sharpen your body, mind and free your soul. System of Motion is Systema for all. Training, playing and dancing combined with the sun, sea and healthy food will fully charge you for the whole winter!

At the camp, we will go thru really deep and important aspects, for which is normally not space on the workshops on training. It’s not just the amount of hours of learning, training, feeling, but also about the momentum of learning. Also in the group, we synergise to together growing up much quicker. We are going to be deeply aware of our body, mind and also the soul. Your body & mind rich really high level of liquidity. At the camp, you could learn how to heal yourself. You build up a good base to continue with new good habits.

Greece – Kissos

Kissos campus is located in the beautiful Greek village of Kissos. Set in a lovely hillside area overlooking the Aegean sea it experiences amazing sunrise views. Kissos is a village of fruit trees, flowers and greenery, carved out of the forest above the seaside and about 25 miles/35 km (an hour’s drive) from the city and port of Volos. The closest airport is Volos.

* Keep in mind that unlike luxury camp centres. We will live as a community for one week, so participants will be contributing to the daily rhythm of life. It will be expected to do about 6-7 hours of “karma yoga” during your week. So, we will join the evening cooking team, help in the organic gardens, or the office and join the Friday morning centre clean up and restore after us. The full authentic community setting is a core of the immersive experience in holistic education that makes Kalikalos unique.

Recommended fly from London by Easyjet: Saturday, 31 August 2019, EZY8593,  London Gatwick 06:00 – Volos Anchialos 11:20 Saturday, 7 September 2019, EZY8594. Volos Anchialos 12:00 – London Gatwick 13:25


What is the System of Motion?

Our aim is to get the freedom to move. We want to get freedom in every aspect of our movement. Therefore we systematically study related aspects and principles which work across all our movements. In the end, we see it as one holistic picture of our being. We want to see out movements from any perspective… Therefore we are open to drawing knowledge and experience from any source. It is martial artsdancesports, qigong, yoga, pilates, massage therapies and of course modern physiology (e.g. Anatomy Trains of myofascial meridians).

We don’t try to just understand movements mentally. We are developing our senses to deeply feel how things work. The personal experience achieved by playing has priceless value for us.

The aspiration to be free and move efficiently leads us to use as little power as possible. To be relaxed is not just efficient, but also really healthy. It is hard to be efficient without using the flow of kinetic energy – our bodywave. Being able to surf on your bodywave lets you accumulate kinetic energy to be much stronger and much more dynamic.

Our dynamic meditations help empty your mind and keep you in the present. Being able to passively accept impulses and let others move with you is the path to really synchronise and harmonise with your surroundings.

If the mind is quiet, the soul can express itself…

The element of play fighting brings our kind of contact improvisation into a bit more chaos. The aspect of chaos creates a new situation and position whilst being able to control this movement through feeling and experience. It’s a bigger challenge to flow in new situations. The magic happens out of your comfort zone… A big inspiration for us is Bruno Caverna’s Play-fight, where Bruno brilliantly joint playing, dancing and martial arts. Tibi was a guest teacher in Play-fight seminar in Berlin & at the camp in Tuscany.

A good mover is a healthy mover. It is no surprise that an inseparable part of System of Motion is a comprehensive vitalising program (in China called Qigong). The core of our ‘wellness’ program comes from the Cossack tradition that is known today as ‘Russian Systema’.

Tibi Moravcik – Dancing warrior

Instructor of Russian Systema Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu Dancer Massage Therapist

Tibi with master Mikhail Ryabko & Vladimir Vasiliev

I love to move since my babyhood. As a hyperactive boy, I used to often be rebuked for my constant moving… As a naturally curious boy, I began studying movement. At firstly mostly with a logical mind. However analysis is not enough, so I’ve paid special attention to feel my movements deeply.

After trying many sports as a small boy I fell in love with Martial Arts. I started with hard styles as Karate(Champion of Slovakia, 2002), Kickboxing (Champion of Slovakia, 2000), but after 17 I was naturally attracted to internal Martial Arts. From 2008 I focused on Wing Chun Kung fu and Filipino Escrima. Later on, I realise that most Martial Arts are trapped in specific patterns. True freedom in motion brought me Russian Systema (the system). I’ve been lucky to grow up under great masters as Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Martin Wheeler and many others. I’ve been also studying the Cossack tradition of the fight, healing & healthy lives from Sergey Makarov and Georgy Funtikov. I am still open to other systems e.g. Zhong Xin Dao –  I Liq Chuan . My system has been sharpened and tested for years in real fight situations which as I have also worked as a doorman.

The desire to make my body more efficient means I am a regular on the massage couch as a patient. After years I took a course and became a professional massage therapist. I love this job for freeing people from pain and tension. It’s also allowed me to develop my feeling and helps me to better understand the human body from different perspectives.

To understand movement it is paramount to study modern physiology. Next to my instructor’s and massage courses I really like this, which helps me to see the human body much more holistically. It is called Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians.

However, everything, that I’ve ever learned from others is just a part of my knowledge. A big part of the knowledge which I share with all my students comes from experimenting with my own body, and from the deep feeling of my movement. No theory brings you more light to understand your movements as your own experience.

I love Dance! I grew up on Hip hop and Breakdance. Since I tried Bruno Caverna’s Play-fight , I really enjoy expressing myself at Contact Improvisation. If there’s any chance, I love dancing in clubs, however, I am often just dancing at home… And of course, I dance when I practice Martial Arts. In my opinion, every movement has done smoothly and with elegance, we can call ‘dance’.

Tibi with Bruno at Play-fight camp in Tuscany 2017

More about Tibi

How much?


Price including training/seminars, accommodation & healthy food.

Capacity is just 15 max 20 people, so book your place now!

Cancellation Policy. If you cancel at least 30 days prior to the day of your arrival you will be refunded 50%. Cancellations made less than 30 days will not be refunded.

Daily schedule

07:30 Slavic traditional vital program & Chinese Qi Gong, Dynamic Meditation
08:30 Buffet Breakfast
09:30 Workshop, Playing & Dancing
13:30 Lunch / Beach Picnic
14:30 Beach / Free Time /One on one / Private lessons
18:15 Kitchen, garden & office teams attune/second staff work period
20:00 Dinner (20:30 on Fridays) 21:30 Free Dance Jam / Fireside / Circle / Village pub etc.